Puppyproofing Tips

Are you welcoming a new puppy into your home? Congratulations! There are few things more adorable than puppies. Your furry buddy will fill your life with love and laughter, and will provide endless tail wags and puppy kisses. However, baby dogs tend to be both curious and frisky, two traits which, combined, can get little Fido into quite a bit of trouble. Read on for some great puppyproofing tips from a Mattoon, IL vet.


Plastic bags, wrappers, and ties all present serious choking hazards to your furry little friend. Keep these items well away from those cute little paws!

Small Objects

Dogs like to learn about things by, well, chewing on them. Fido could easily choke on small objects, like pen caps, jewelry pieces, beads, buttons, or craft kit pieces.

Sharp Items

Needles, knives, tools, safety pins, and other sharp items are a definite no-no. Always store these things in a safe spot.

Household Chemicals

Many common household products are dangerous to our canine pals. Cleaning agents are one big concern. Lawn and garden chemicals, automotive products are also very dangerous to little Fido. Pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and rodenticides are also on the no-no list.


Human medications are not safe for dogs: in fact, some are highly toxic to pets. Keep both prescription and OTC meds out of your pet’s reach.

Ropes, Wires, Threads

Electrical cords are very hazardous to curious pets. You don’t want little Fido chewing a live wire, or pulling a lamp down on himself! Be sure to secure wires and cords.

Toxic Plants

Don’t forget to check your houseplants! Many popular plants are poisonous to pets. You can find a complete list of safe and unsafe plants at the ASPCA website.


Garbage can be very dangerous for dogs, as trash may contain can lids, skewers, plastic wrap, tinfoil, toothpicks, bones, and other hazards. Use a trashcan with a secure lid.


Fido has been known to eat small clothing items from time to time. Be sure to keep your laundry off the floor!

Baby Gates

If you have a super rambunctious little furball on your hands, you may find it easier to puppyproof a single room, and leave Fido in there when you’re gone. A baby gate is a great option for this!

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