DIY Doggy Beds

Did you know that dogs spend about half of their time sleeping? Fido certainly does look super cute when he’s snoozing peacefully. Making sure your pet has a comfortable bed is very important! While you can find cute pet beds in stores, there are also some terrific options for making your canine buddy a bed of his own. Homemade beds are also great options for your furry pal’s second, third, or fourth doggy bed. Read on for some great ideas on DIY doggy beds from a Mattoon, IL vet.

Small Dogs

An old hard-shell suitcase can make a great bed for Fido. Start by removing half of the suitcase, so it won’t close on your pooch. Then, put some soft pillows into it. An old end table with doors is also a great option for smaller pups. Remove the doors, and put some soft bedding inside. You can add a coat of paint or varnish to freshen it up and make it match your décor. Crates, whiskey barrels, and dresser drawers are more great options for little dogs.

Medium and Large Dogs

A large tire can actually make a good bed for Fido. First, you’ll want to scrub it. Next, add a coat of fresh paint or varnish. Finally, put some soft bedding inside. You can also upcycle a shallow, extra-large crate or storage bin.

Big Dogs

Did you know pallets can make cute pet beds? You may need to disassemble the pallet and then put it together again, but you may be surprised at how attractive these beds can be. (Tip: a child’s mattress is a great option for bedding.) Another option for large breeds is to turn a table with four legs upside down, and either cut the legs down or replace them with decorative ones. If you’re a crafty type, you can even upcycle an old crib for Fido.


One great way to upcycle that old comforter you’re not using anymore is to turn it into a doggy bed. Start by folding it evenly, so that it makes a rectangle. Then, just sew the edges together. You can add stuffing or a border if you like. The great thing about going this route is that you can make several beds for your furry pal!

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