Horse Grooming Tips

If you have a horse, you’ve likely become quite familiar with the basics of grooming Silver. After all, grooming is an important part of your hooved buddy’s care regimen. However, when it comes to horse care, there’s no such thing as having too many tricks! Read on as a Mattoon, IL vet offers some helpful horse grooming tips.

Hoof Care

Use a hoof pick to remove dirt and pebbles from Silver’s hooves daily, and after every ride. If you notice cracks or splits, ask your vet for product suggestions. (Tip: coconut oil works very well.)


When bathing Silver, use a squeegee made just for horses, rather than a sweat scraper. Also, keep a few different sponges on hand. Use one for your horse’s face, another for the body, and a different one in the dock area. When you have finished riding your horse, sponge his face clean.


Get an apron to wear while grooming Silver, and keep your brushes, combs, and other supplies in the pockets. This is an easy way to keep everything at hand, and will also help keep you from getting dusty. Remember to clean and disinfect Silver’s combs and brushes regularly!

Mane & Tail

Use a wide-toothed comb and a detangling spray on Silver’s mane and tail. Quick daily sessions will keep snarls and tangles under control.


Vegetable oil or supplements with Omega-3 fatty acids can help keep Silver’s coat nice and shiny. Ask your vet for specific nutritional advice.

Sun Protection

Did you know that horses can get sunburned? If your hooved pal has light hair, ask your vet for advice about using sunscreen on him. Sun can also bleach out darker coats, so make sure your turnout area offers suitable shade. If there are no trees in your pasture, consider putting up a three-sided shelter.


When you’ve finished brushing Silver, use a sheen spray on him before letting him go. This will make his coat shine, and will also help repel dust.

The Dirt Roll

We suspect that horses have a golden rule that dictates that they immediately roll around in the dirt after they’ve been groomed. Unfortunately, we have no tips for stopping this amusing but frustrating habit. Just roll with it, and give Silver a carrot for being cute.

Do you have questions about horse care? Contact us, your local Mattoon, IL animal clinic, anytime!

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