Llama Care Basics

Have you been considering getting a larger animal? If so, a llama may make a great addition to your household! These adorable animals are quite easy to keep, and can be lots of fun! Here, a Mattoon, IL vet discusses basic llama care.


We recommend getting at least two llamas, as these guys are very sociable, and tend to get lonely without any friends. (Note: you’ll need at least an acre for 3-4 llamas.)


If you don’t have a barn, you can erect a simple three-sided shelter. Make sure to fence off your llama zone, using good, solid fencing. Don’t use barbed wire, as it can cause serious injuries! If possible, incorporate a small pen into your llama’s area. This will come in handy during nail trims, shearing, or veterinary exams. Keep your llama pen clear of debris, and make sure it doesn’t contain any toxic plants. You’ll need to remove the waste from your llama’s home daily. You may also be happy to find out that many llamas can be trained to use a specific area for their bathroom.


Llamas need a lot of fiber. You’ll want to get your pasture tested, to find out whether or not it will provide suitable grazing. If the answer is no, then you can feed your llamas hay, such as Timothy hay. Your furry friends will also need minerals and salt blocks. Unless your vet specifically recommends it, you should avoid giving your llamas grain. Finally, make sure your llamas always have lots of fresh water. Keep your water buckets off the ground, so your four-legged friends don’t contaminate the water by standing in it.

Regular Care

Just like any other animal, llamas need proper veterinary care. Your vet will need to regularly examine your llamas and administer vaccinations. You’ll also need to provide parasite control, and keep your llamas’ nails and teeth trimmed. Last but not least, your llamas will have to be shorn every year. Ask your vet for specific advice.


We recommend teaching your llamas to accept being haltered, handled, and led. That said, you may find it fun to teach your furry friends simple commands, like Stay and Come. Training your llamas to come to you for treats can also come in handy.

Do you have questions about llama care? We can help! Contact us, your Mattoon, IL animal clinic, today!

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