Fun Ways to Pamper Your Cat on National Cat Day

Did you know that October 29th is National Cat Day? Of course, as far as Fluffy is concerned, every day is National Cat Day! Even so, this is a great time to show your pet some extra TLC. Here, a Mattoon, IL vet lists some cute ways to spoil your kitty on her special day.


Cat towers are great for our feline friends. They offer Fluffy a napping spot, a jungle gym, a nail care station, and a vantage point from which she can supervise her human servants. Your pet may also appreciate a pet tent or tipi. Of course, cats beds are also a good bet.


Pick up a small pot of catnip or cat grass for Fluffy to nibble on. This can make a great gift for a frisky feline! If you really want to go all-out, get several pet-safe plants and make Fluffy a little kitty garden. You can find great suggestions at the ASPCA website.


Fluffy’s goal in life seems to be to get us to pamper her as much as possible. That said, kitties don’t necessarily have expensive tastes. Your furball may be thrilled to find a new cardboard box in her domain!


Watching a playful feline pouncing on a catnip mouse or rubber ball can be almost as entertaining for you as it is for Fluffy. Playing isn’t just fun for cats, though: it also offers them physical exercise and mental stimulation. Get your kitty a few new toys to pounce on, and spend some time playing with her.


Why not offer your furry friend a special treat? Your furball may appreciate a can of tuna or salmon in water. Fluffy may also enjoy some shredded deli meat, or perhaps some cooked, plain chicken, fish, or turkey with the skin, fat, and bones removed.


Boredom may not seem like a huge concern to cats, but believe it or not, kitties can and do get bored. Download a few apps for your furball to play on your phone or tablet, or order some DVDs made just for cats. A good window seat with a view of birds and wildlife will also get Fluffy’s motor going.

Please contact us, your Mattoon, IL animal clinic, with any questions or concerns about your cat’s health or care. We’re here to help!

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