Nutrition & Weight Management

Do you really know what’s in the food you’re feeding your pet?

If you’ve spent more than a few moments in the pet food aisle, mulling over the countless choices and feeling confused, you’re not alone. In fact, the topics of animal nutrition and weight management are among the most challenging for pet owners and farmers alike. You want to be sure that what you’re feeding your animal friends is not just sufficient to meet their needs, but will help them thrive.

At Advanced Veterinary Care, we’d like to make this task a little easier for you. Our team of professionals will provide the guidance, advice and recommendations you need to get your companion on the right track.

Our dietary guidance begins with a detailed assessment of your pet’s unique needs. We must consider such important factors as species, breed, age and present weight. We also need to determine whether your companion’s health status could be improved through nutrition. For example, the right diet can help better manage certain medical conditions, such as diabetes. Once we’ve gathered all of this information, we’ll develop a customized food plan that will bring out the best in your animal friend.

In addition to diet, we will also assist in keeping your companion’s weight at a healthy level. Pets who are carrying even a few extra pounds can be more likely to develop serious medical conditions. Likewise, animals who don’t weigh as much as they should may be more prone to injury or illness. Our thorough evaluation of your pet will help us determine what his or her ideal weight range should be. From there, we’ll work on a plan to achieve that target number and, more importantly, maintain it over the years.

Of course, as your pet ages, we may need to modify our nutrition and weight management strategy from time to time. We will advise you on when these changes should take place and provide you with the information you need every step of the way. This will ensure that your loved one remains in tip-top shape through every stage of life.

Are you unsure about whether your pet’s diet and weight are where they should be? Don’t take chances. Give us a call and let us get him or her on the path to optimum wellness.

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