Are you feeling anxious about your pet undergoing surgery?

For most animal owners, surgery is something that is relatively uncommon. For the team at Advanced Veterinary Care, however, it’s part of our everyday routine. We’ve mastered the art of pre-surgical preparation and have developed a surgical strategy that focuses on patient safety and comfort. What this means for your pet is the highest quality care available, regardless of what the procedure happens to be. In the meantime, we’re happy to answer your questions, discuss your concerns and help you feel better about the process. Rest assured that we will do our very best to make your companion’s surgery a positive experience for you both.

Before Your Pet’s Surgery

At Advanced Veterinary Care, we are extremely thorough in preparing for each patient’s surgery. This involves diagnostic testing to determine whether your pet has any unique risk factors that we should be aware of. When we can plan for these things ahead of time, we can dramatically increase the safety of the procedure. We’ll also ensure your companion’s comfort levels by developing an individualized pain management plan.

Surgical Care

Our diligence continues the day of surgery, when we’ll welcome you both and get your loved one settled in. Once relaxed, we’ll administer the pain medication to safely sedate your pet so surgery can begin. During the procedure, your companion will be carefully monitored by our experienced technicians. We’ll make sure that all vital signs stay right where they should be and that your pet remains as pain-free as possible.

Some of the surgeries routinely performed at Advanced Veterinary Care include:

  • General Surgery
  • Soft Tissue Procedures
  • Oral Surgery
  • Orthopedic Procedures
  • Ophthalmic Surgery

Postoperative Care

Once surgery is complete, someone will reach out to you to explain how everything went and discuss any noteworthy findings. Your loved one will be continuously monitored while he or she waits to be picked up. When you arrive, we’ll take a few moments to go over our postoperative care instructions, which may include a plan for pain management. Should you have any questions or concerns after you return home with your pet, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Pet surgery doesn’t have to be a source of anxiety, especially when you’ve got the experienced team at Advanced Veterinary Care in your corner. Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can assist with all of your loved one’s surgical care needs.

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